Both of our vessels on one object. (c) “DIVER S”

For high-quality performance of work “DIVER S” the big list of the specialized equipment is owned. The firm seeks for constant improvement of the technological park and constantly is on an edge of technological progress.

1. Onshore base (2,080 sq.m area of land) 1
2. Concrete 36m long wharf wall for moorage 1
3. 22m long pile pier protruding out in the sea  2
4. Medical-prophylactic preparation center for the divers to get ready before descending into the water (120 sq.m two-floor brick building) 1
5. Building slipway (hangar for repairs and berthing), 94 and 432 sq.m) 2
6. Modernized tug motorship “ALTAY-2”, design 433/471, displacement 30 ton, equipped with, as follows: -two diving stations, -HP (high pressure) compressor 200 atm, -soil suction hydraulic monitor, -220V 8kW electric power station, -unit for underwater metal welding and cutting, -1,5t hoisting gear and -22 hp motor boat “Neman-2” that is carried on board the ship. 1
7. “Sarepta” motorboat with TOHATSU (50 HP) engine 1
8. Light range finder “Blesk-2” (2ST-10) 1
9. Pontoon for mounting caisson, 40 tons load-carrying capacity 1
10. Divers’ motorboat “VALDAY”, design PMB 376, displacement 30 ton, equipped with, as follows: -three diving stations,-25atm medium pressure compressor, -soil suction hydraulic monitor, -220V 8kW electric station, -unit for underwater metal welding and cutting. 1
11. Decompression chamber 2
12. Mobile station for underwater works based on KAMAZ 43102 truck chassis with trailer GKB-817 (design PRS-VM) equipped with the same mechanisms as those on “ALTAY-2” and “VALDAY”. 1
13. GAZ-32217 minibus 1
14. Snow-mobile “BURAN” with two cargo sledges, 300kg capacity each 1
15. Motor boat “Progress” with two outboard motors  1
16. Engineering-research library on diving technique, underwater engineering works, GOST, SNIP, more than 50 various publications. 1
17. Suction-tube dredger on a 6-section pontoon adapted for transportation on a truck, its performace on soil – 60 cubic meters per hour 1
18. Hydraulic monitor PN-3200 1
19. Self-unloading trailer SZAP (KAMAZ) 1
20. Trailer for “Tonar” motor boat 1
21. Diesel hydraulic station for sub-sea hydraulic instruments operation 1
22. Self-priming pump with combustion engine NCS-120 5
23. Device for high pressure air-supply to the divers, (ADV-330 COMEX) 2
24. Device for high pressure air-supply to the divers, (ADV-25 COMEX) 1
25. Water heating device for two divers working under the water (COMEX, France) 1
26. Therapeutic block for decompression of divers (decompression chamber of COMEX, France) 1
27. Computer set 7
28. Self-contained respiratory system Dräger (Dräger, Germany) 10
29. Set of diver’s outfit “Beluga” 3
30. Set of diver’s gear “Viking” with COMEX-X-LITE-3 helmet 5
31. Diver’s outfit set for underwater work, COMEX, France 20
32. Diver’s emergency set for urgent surfacing FENZY (COMEX, France) 3
33. Ventilated diver’s outfit set (Dräger)  4
34. Light diving gear SVU 4
35. Underwater television cable set SONY (Japan) 1
36. Mobile hydrographic unit with a satellite positioning system based on the GARMIN equipment (U.S.A.) 2
37. Satellite positioning system, GARMIN, GPS 35lp-LVC(U.S.A.) 1
38. Underwater modification of supersonic fault finder UD2-12 1
39. Underwater hydraulic perforator (boring machine), STANLEY, (U.S.A.) 1
40. Digital underwater photographic camera “OLYMPUS” 4
41. Underwater hydraulic hammer, STANLEY, (U.S.A.) 1
42. Underwater and underground communication cable and pipelines route finder TPK-1p 2
43. Supersonic finder “Delfin” 3
44. Hydrographic software of HyPack Max 1