Dear Sirs!

Herewith we kindly address to the managers of enterprises who possess their own sub-sea engineering structures and buildings. The JSC “DIVER S” is an advanced specialized enterprise. For more than 20 years we have been carrying out a wide range of underwater engineering works on a high quality level and always in the shortest possible time. They are as follows:

  • Underwater construction, repairs, running (operational) and maintenance of the sub-sea engineering structures, oil and gas equipment, fountain and special facilities;
  • Underwater survey of sub-sea engineering works;
  • Building and repair of underwater main oil pipeline and cable crossings;
  • Underwater insulation;
  • Underwater ship lifting and salvaging;
  • Repairs of underwater main oil pipeline, installation of joints, replacing the pipeline defective part in the caisson space;
  • Repairs of insulation coatings using underwater polymer compounds;
  • Sea and river bottom dredging and cleaning;
  • Ship repairs and vessel hull cleaning;
  • Underwater mounting operations;
  • Intakes and exhaust repairing and cleaning;
  • Underwater welding and cutting;
  • Servicing of research institutions (underwater super-vision and installation of research instruments, taking various scientific measurements, collecting samples of animal organisms and underwater plants);
  • Hydrographic sea and river bottom survey using satellite positioning systemх измерений, сбор образцов животных организмов и водорослей);
  • Sea and river bottom survey and cleaning of the popular recreation facilities on the riverbank or seashore;
  • Underwater photo-TV-video survey and mapping;
  • Search and surfacing of different objects and targets;
  • Sealed survey using sidescanner sonar;
  • Underwater ultrasound defectoscopy;
  • Pile driving, Larsen sheet-piles driving, bant pitching, construction and repair of berthing facilities;
  • Fish screen installation on the intake towers and banking intakes;

Besides, we are ready to maintain navigation systems, to charge HP (high pressure) gas cylinders with compressed air, carry out oxygen and baro therapy treatment, and to collect scrap metal, sunken wood on the sea and river bottom together with the subsequent processing and independent realization. Fishing and crayfishing of the permitted breeds of fish and crabs also belong to our regular activities.

All works are carried out on the basis of the State quotations according to price booklets of SEEN (State Elementary Estimated Norms).

Blockage of piles. (c) “DIVER S”